Collaboration Series: Limited Edition Lens Shades

We’re excited to announce the drop of our first exclusive collaboration collection: Limited Edition Lens Shades for VITURE One XR Glasses!

These new XR styles were made in partnership with creators and artists across the community to take “future fashion” to the next level.

Originally, the Lens Shade was only available in Matte Black to mimic the look of sunglasses — a classic, no doubt, but one that pales in comparison to the stylings of world-renowned illustrators Gawx and Bakea or commemorative depictions of fan-favorite YouTubers like BeatEmUps, AlexiBexi, and VuxVux.

Endlessly collectible and easily giftable, each is a great way to add a bit of flair to your XR loadout — and a support your favorite creators while you do it. Let’s take a look at the minds behind each design.


VITURE x BeatEmUps

The first of the series launched earlier this week when we announced the full collection’s imminent Black Friday drop. This design depicts Wood from BeatEmUps in the signature character style you might recognize from other VITURE art.

An Australian YouTuber and game reviewer obsessed with Nintendo, BeatEmUps has been a fan and friend to VITURE One since the beginning.

Get BeatEmUps’s Design →



An artist, designer, and tech lover from Mexico, Gawx’s fans around the world know him for his unique maximalist style.

His Lens Shade design depicts his vision of the gamer of the future: chic street style, expressive hair and flair, and of course, ready to play anywhere, anytime with VITURE One.

Get Gawx’s Design →



A musician, YouTuber, and all-around talented content creator, VuxVux is a bit of a celebrity in the Roblox community.

He became a fan of VITURE when he realized that it was the ultimate way to stay immersed in the ultimate virtual universe he’s come to love!

Get VuxVux’s Design →


VITURE x AlexiBexi

Though you may not have heard of him if you live outside the German-speaking areas of Europe, AlexiBexi is one of the biggest German-language tech reviewers covering phones, cars, gadgets, and more for an audience of over 1.5 million!

This design depicts Alexi in his usual unassuming t-shirt, as he appears in so many of his videos — probably catching up on his favorite games between shoots.

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VITURE x Bakea

Based in Spain, Bakea is an illustrator and art director big on pop culture and known for his surrealist style.

His Lens Shade design is an imaginative take on what’s going on on the other side of VITURE One’s lenses. Magic, adventure, far off galaxies and forgotten mysteries — oh the things you’ll see.

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And VITURE’s Own

"Let's Play"

"The Future Is On View"

Our team wanted in on the fun too. Can you blame us?

These two designs — titled “Let’s Play” and “The Future Is On View” — take two different approaches to adding a splash of color to the Lens Shade: a whimsical depiction of VITURE’s cast of characters gaming together and a more refined, elegant pattern complete with our motto in VITURE’s signature colors.

Get “Let’s Play” →

Get “The Future Is On View” →

Just as the original Lens Shade, these new limited-run attachments ensure the same level of detail and brightness at the park in broad daylight as you get at night in bed. 

Each snaps directly onto VITURE One XR Glasses to completely block out all ambient light for the ultimate daytime visual experience, and can be conveniently stowed in the glasses’ hard shell zipper case when not in use.

A limited number of each design are available while supplies last — collect them all before they’re gone!


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