The First & Only XR Experience on iPhone!

The First & Only XR Experience on iPhone!

SpaceWalker is an XR experience on iOS available exclusively for VITURE One XR Glasses — and the first and only of its kind.

A multiscreen workspace you can take and use anywhere. A personal cinema you carry in your pocket. An exciting new way to get more out of your iPhone.

And best of all? It's free on the App Store. Download SpaceWalker now and start using it right away on your iPhone 15 with VITURE One XR Glasses. And it gets better with the USB-C XR Charging Adapter: unlock the XR experience including Enhanced 3DoF, Multiscreen, VR video, 1-Click 3D and more.

Have an older model Lightning iPhone? No worries — check out our iPhone Pack if you're just getting started or grab our HDMI Adapter for iPhone if you already have a pair of XR Glasses.

XDA Developers called SpaceWalker "An AR app that actually works"

An XR Experience Exclusively For VITURE One XR Glasses

Apple's Spatial Video

Spatial video makes recordings of memories and precious moments more immersive than ever.

It's an amazing experience and we definitely encourage anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro to give it a try!

Learn more later in this blog post.

A multi-monitor setup you can use anywhere, anytime.

Seamlessly swipe between multiple virtual screens on VITURE One’s giant HD display.

Great for multitaskers, high-level workflows, and staying productive on the go!

It's not all work — SpaceWalker is a great way to play, too!

Immerse yourself in virtual environments!

SpaceWalker is perfect for exploring maps or interacting with multidimensional virtual spaces.

3D video has never been so seamless. *Exclusive feature for iPhone 15/ 15 Pro

Conveniently switch to 3D mode with a single tap of the play button when compatible content is detected.

SpaceWalker is the perfect way to enjoy your favorite blockbusters the way they were intended: 3D on the big screen!

Works For All Display With Direct Connection to iPhone 15 (No XR Adapter Needed)

Why Users Love SpaceWalker

Reason #1: Plug & Play Compatibility

VITURE One is compatible with iPhone 15 right out of the box, making it easy to get started the moment you get your XR Glasses — and as we mentioned before, even older models can get in on the action thanks to our HDMI Adapter for iPhone.

Keep your old phone and still experience the future!

Reason #2: Easy navigation using your phone as a laser pointer!

Surf the web in the built-in XR browser and even open and pick up where you left off on work documents right from your iCloud.

Getting around in SpaceWalker is easy and intuitive — just point and tap to interact with anything on the virtual screen.

Reason #3: Privacy

No more watching on a tiny screen, no more people watching over your shoulder.

With SpaceWalker on VITURE One, you can enjoy your favorite movies and games on in full privacy as nothing appears on your phone screen.

Reason #4: the new Ambient Mode!

SpaceWalker is the cutting edge of XR workspace environments and our team is hard at work day and night to improve over each iteration.

In addition to recent improvements to the way SpaceWalker handles media (including VR video), we’ve also just introduced Ambient Mode — a fan favorite feature from our Neckband that allows you to minimize your display to the corner of your vision for uninterrupted access to your content as you interact with the world around you.

How To Film Spatial Videos & Seamlessly Watch On VITURE One

Now let's talk more details about SpaceWalker's new spatial video support — we thought a brief rundown and tutorial could be helpful.

It's an amazing experience and we definitely encourage anyone with an iPhone 15 Pro to give it a try!

What is Spatial Video?

Apple's new spatial video feature in iOS 17.2 allows the recording of 3D video. This feature and version of iOS are still in beta, but both are already compatible with the SpaceWalker app!

Here are some important things to know:

  • Spatial video is only available on iPhone 15 Pro models and is only available when recording horizontal/landscape videos.
  • Spatial video uses the iPhone 15 Pro's main and ultrawide lenses side by side to record two videos at once, which are then layered together to create a 3D effect.
  • Files are 1920x1080p at 30fps by default and saved in HEVC format. A minute of spatial video is approximately 130MB.
  • Videos recorded using spatial video play back normally on your iPhone and other devices and can even be shared normally with friends and family — but experiencing them on VITURE One is like nothing else. 😎

For a more in-depth look at spatial video, check out CNET's recent coverage of the feature. (Thanks to our Discord user mile03197 for sharing the video!)

How To Record A Spatial Video

  1. First, turn on "Spatial Video for Apple Vision Pro" in your camera settings. You can find it at Settings>Camera>Formats.
  2. Next, open your camera and toggle on the new option that looks like a tiny VR headset (example below). Your camera settings will automatically change to the necessary settings for recording spatial video, including forcing your camera into landscape.
  3. Record your video. Time to get creative — try it out now with whatever you happen to have around you!
The new icon floats above your camera modes and turns yellow to indicate when it's on.

Now Enjoy Your Cinematic Masterpiece On VITURE One

VITURE One is one of the easiest ways to watch spatial video (and less than 1/8th the cost of Apple Vision Pro)!

Open Media Player in SpaceWalker, select the spatial video you just filmed, and long press the short button on the left arm of your XR Glasses to switch to 3D mode.

SpaceWalker's Media Player supports 3D video, including those shot using the new Spatial Video feature.

If you're using the USB-C XR Charging Adapter (works exclusively with VITURE One XR Glasses) you can skip the last step — your glasses will switch to 3D automatically! An even smoother and more seamless 3D experience.

What's coming next?

We're planning new ways to make the most of spatial video and make the entire experience even more enjoyable in the SpaceWalker app's next big update.

Stay tuned, and in the meantime enjoy reliving your recordings in XR! 😎


Thank you for reading along and being part of our community.

Ready to get started? Download SpaceWalker now — or, if you don't have an iPhone, stay tuned for the upcoming Android release!